Business Leadership

Brian Mackie, Interim President and CEO
Brian Mackie
Brian is Interim President and CEO of Cogniciti. Brian is a healthcare executive with more than 20 years of experience in the Ontario health system. He is currently Vice President Finance and CFO at Baycrest. Brian has provided oversight of Financial, Diagnostic, IT and Facilities services in two world-leading academic health centres: Baycrest and the Hospital for Sick Children.

Brian is a Chartered Accountant who trained and worked with Price Waterhouse in both the UK and Canada. He holds a CA designation both in Canada and the UK and holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Birmingham in the UK. Brian is also Board Treasurer at Accessible Media Inc., a world-leading not-for-profit provider of media services for the vision-impaired.

Raymond King, Business Development Lead
Raymond King
Raymond King is the Interim Director, Business Development for Cogniciti Inc., a private sector digital health firm formed in 2010 by Baycrest Health Sciences to help reshape the world of brain health. He has over 25 years of experience in the development of domestic and international market opportunities. He is highly adept at planning, structuring and executing business/strategic development programs for dynamic, growth-orientated, internationally-focused organizations.

Mr. King has been actively involved in promoting the strength of Canada's world-leading medical expertise in both paediatric acute care and geriatric post-acute care. Through this work, he has actively sought out and facilitated international collaborations that have advanced Canada's reputation for excellence in research and clinical care, while developing partnerships that have allowed such expertise to be utilized in the advancement of healthcare models around the world.

Mr. King has an MBA, with a focus on international strategic development, from McGill University. He also has a Bachelor of Arts in Modern European Political History from the University of Western Ontario and a Bachelor of Commerce in International Finance from the University of Calgary.

Caitlin Johnston, Operations Manager
Caitlin Johnston
Caitlin Johnston is a seasoned veteran in the healthcare space, specifically for the marketing and delivery of services to aging adults. She brings to Cogniciti a deep understanding of the challenges that face this population, and the know-how to develop and commercialize solutions to those challenges.

Caitlin's role as an Operations Manager for Cogniciti is two-fold: she manages the day-to-day business operations and continues to develop international partnerships and strategies to grow Cogniciti's trial-ready Research Registry.

Prior to joining Cogniciti, Caitlin worked in program management and business administration within the Canadian long-term care sector for over four years. She then went on and founded Memory Mats, an innovative approach to memory recollection tools. Caitlin is also the founder of Purple Elephant, a non-profit organization whose mission includes changing the way young people think about Alzheimer's disease on a global scale and developing an innovative approach for the delivery of in-home caregiving relief for young people whose lives have been impacted while caring for their loved one with Alzheimer's disease.

Justine Reaume, Community Engagement Specialist
Justine Reaume
Justine Reaume uses Cogniciti's Brain Health Assessment tool to tackle the growing problem of clinical trial recruitment. Volunteer recruitment is the largest expense of all Alzheimer's disease drug trials, due to increasing difficulties in recruiting and retaining the right volunteers. Through the use of Cogniciti's effective pre-screening model, Justine is able to identify older adults at a higher risk of developing Alzheimer's Disease and other dementias. Her passion lies in finding a treatment, cure or prevention for one of the most devastating and complex diseases of our time.

As Community Engagement Specialist, Justine is dedicated to growing Cogniciti's next generation of Community Engagement Officers, who in turn connect with communities and build relationships to deliver Cogniciti's Brain Health Workshop across North America and the United Kingdom. As the first point of contact for many workshop participants, Community Engagement Officers focus on providing a unique memory-screening experience to older adults. They help answer the question β€œIs my memory normal or should I see my doctor?” and provide older adults with the best brain health tips in science today.

Justine began her work with Alzheimer's within long-term care. She has over four years of experience working with older adults facing Alzheimer's and other dementias. While she loved her work in long-term care, she was determined to change the future of Alzheimer's. She is hopeful that Cogniciti's recruitment solution will push clinical development forward to find a solution this epidemic needs.

Matthew Tersigni, Community Engagement Officer
Matthew Tersigni
In his role as Community Engagement Officer, Matthew Tersigni delivers Cogniciti's unique Brain Health Workshop to older adults in communities across Canada and the Eastern United States.

Before working at Cogniciti, Matthew was the Stakeholder Engagement Lead at the University of Ghana. In Ghana, Matthew worked with government officials, private industry, and community leaders to identify the barriers to successful waste management in Accra. During his undergraduate degree at McMaster University, Matthew worked in an interdisciplinary research team to identify the effects of the gastrointestinal system on mood and behavior. Specifically, Matthew was interested in the role of dysbiosis in individuals with Generalized Anxiety and Major Depressive Disorder. He has also worked in pilot projects that aimed to strengthen the lines of communication between seniors and their family health teams. Matthew holds a Master of Public Health from the University of Western Ontario, and a Bachelor of Life Sciences from McMaster University.

Stacy Chung, Community Engagement Officer
Stacy Chung
In her role as Community Engagement Officer, Stacy Chung connects with communities and builds relationships with older adults to deliver Cogniciti's unique Brain Health Workshop across Canada and the Western United States.

Prior to joining Cogniciti, Stacy worked in recreation within the non-for-profit sector and she brings several years of experience working with older adults in the community. Stacy holds an Honors Specialization in Kinesiology and Minor in Health Sciences from the University of Western Ontario. She discovered her passion for working with older adults while volunteering at a long-term care facility during her undergraduate studies. As the aging population continues to grow, Stacy understands the importance of finding healthcare solutions for Alzheimer's disease and she is driven to make a difference for the aging population.

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