Business Leadership

Michael Meagher, President and CEO
Michael Meagher
Michael is the President and CEO of Cogniciti, the corporation charged with commercializing the brain health science of Baycrest, a global leader in the research of memory and aging. Within that role he has led the funding, development and commercialization of the world's leading early-warning assessment for dementia, which is playing a vital role in accelerating the next generation of dementia drugs through clinical trials and to adults in need.

Michael's business experience has been a mix of corporate marketer and serial entrepreneur. His career began with a 9-year stint in the Canadian and European marketing departments of consumer goods giant Procter & Gamble. Following P&G Michael served as President of 4 successful business services firms. Under his leadership those firms created more than 3,000 net new jobs and earned “Profit Magazine's 16th Fastest Growing Canadian Company” and “50 Best Managed Companies in Canada” awards.

Michael has been a leader in the world's premiere association for business leaders, the Young Presidents Organization (YPO). His YPO accomplishments have been recognized by his peers with 5 Best-In-The-World awards, 1 Best-In-Americas award, and 9 Best-In-Canada awards. Michael has been a lecturer at the Ivey School of Business, the campaign manager for a successful federal election run, the co-author of a book on environmental marketing, the founder and executive director of an environmental education program, and a mentor for the American Marketing Association's next generation of marketing leaders. He has an MBA from the University of Toronto where he made the Dean's list and was class president. And he holds an Engineering degree from the University of New Brunswick.

Caitlin Johnston, Operations Manager
Caitlin Johnston
Caitlin Johnston is a seasoned veteran in the healthcare space, specifically for the care and delivery of services to aging adults. She brings to Cogniciti a deep understanding of the challenges that face this population, and the know-how to develop and launch solutions to those challenges.

Caitlin's role as an operations manager for Cogniciti is two-fold: she manages Cogniciti's business operations and develops partnerships and strategies to grow Cogniciti's trial-ready Brain Health Registry.

Prior to joining Cogniciti, Caitlin founded Purple Elephant, a non-profit organization whose mission includes changing the way young people think about Alzheimer's disease on a global scale, and developing an innovative approach for the delivery of in-home caregiving relief for young people whose lives have been impacted while caring for their loved one with Alzheimer's disease.

Justine Reaume, Community Engagement Officer
Justine Reaume
As the first point of contact for many of Cogniciti’s Brain Health Workshop participants, Justine Reaume truly delivers a unique memory-testing experience for older adults across North America.

In her role as Community Engagement Officer, her focus is to give healthy adults the reassurance to keep them out of the doctor’s office and to get those with cognitive issues to a healthcare professional more quickly for diagnosis and treatment. Justine also refers at-risk participants to clinical research studies that are focused on developing the next generation of Alzheimer’s treatment and prevention drugs.

Prior to joining Cogniciti, Justine worked in recreation and restorative nursing within long-term care facilities. She was driven to make a difference in the lives of those with Alzheimer’s. With an Honours Degree in Health Studies and Gerontology from McMaster University, Justine has the practical knowledge and understanding of the unique needs and challenges of the aging population.

Elizabeth Fan, Clinical Research Coordinator
Elizabeth Fan
Elizabeth Fan is a trained public health professional and researcher. Elizabeth brings to Cogniciti a strong understanding of neurodegenerative disease research and neuropsychological testing. Elizabeth’s role as a clinical research coordinator is focused on overseeing Cogniciti’s volunteer recruitment program for brain health clinical studies across North America and Europe.

Prior to joining Cogniciti, Elizabeth worked at Robarts Research Institute, where she investigated the role of lysosomes in Alzheimer’s disease progression. She also worked at the Public Health Agency of Canada at the Centre for Food-borne, Environmental and Zoonotic Infectious Diseases, working closely with the Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease Surveillance System. She holds a Master of Public Health and a Bachelor of Science from the University of Western Ontario.