• What is a Brain Health Workshop?

    Cogniciti’s Brain Health Workshop is a free, in-person workshop that provides older adults with the opportunity to learn about their brain health. During the workshop, one of Cogniciti’s highly trained team members will provide a group of 10 – 20 people with an overview of brain health, assist each person with completing our online Brain Health Assessment, and provide resources for further evaluation. Each person will take their own individual assessment on a laptop computer that Cogniciti provides. The Brain Health Assessment takes about 20-30 min to complete. After each person is finished, they will have the opportunity to meet individually with the Cogniciti team member to go over their score, ask questions about their brain health, and receive brain health tips based on the latest research on memory and aging.

  • How long is the workshop?

    Each workshop is scheduled for 1 hour. In the workshop, the participants will take Cogniciti’s Brain Health Assessment which takes about 20 – 30 minutes to complete and includes 7 exercises that measure different types of memory. The additional time is scheduled to allow each participant the opportunity to discuss their individual score with the Cogniciti Team and ask any questions they may have.

  • What computer skills are required?

    To receive an accurate Brain Health Score, basic computer skills are required, however, the workshop is not technical in nature. It will be necessary to be familiar with typing on a computer keyboard as well as moving and clicking a mouse. The Cogniciti Team will be able to provide some assistance to get participants started; however, the participants must be able to complete it on their own.

  • What happens after the workshop?

    Once participants complete Cogniciti’s Brain Health Assessment, they will receive a personalized Brain Health Score. This score is generated from their performance on the 7 exercises included in the Brain Health Assessment. The Brain Health Score is a percentile score generated from comparing the scores of other participants that are the same age and education level. A Cogniciti team member will sit with each participants and explain their score and answer any questions they may have. Participants will then have the opportunity to share their concerns about their memory and the Cogniciti team will provide them with a better understanding of potential contributing factors. Cogniciti also partners with local resources in your community to provide participants with the option to receive further evaluation at no cost to them. The Cogniciti team will also provide participants with Brain Health Tips based on the latest research from the Rottman Research Institute.

  • Who can participate?

    Anyone can participate in Cogniciti’s Brain Health Workshop. However, the Brain Health Assessment has been scientifically validated for individuals 20-94 years of age. Therefore, if a participant is age 80 or older, they may still take the assessment but will need to let a Cogniciti team member know prior to beginning the assessment. The ability to read and understand English, as well as basic computer skills, are also required to receive an accurate score.

  • How often can someone take the assessment?

    Individuals may take the assessment as many times as they would like; however, it is recommended to repeat every 6 to 12 months to monitor changes in memory.

  • Can a friend or family member help an individual take the assessment?

    Cogniciti’s Brain Health Assessment was developed to be completed by an individual to provide them with a personalized Brain Health Score. Having someone else complete the assessment would not provide an accurate score and is therefore not allowed.

  • What languages are available for the assessment?

    Our assessment is currently available in English. Participants must be able to read and understand English to receive an accurate score. We are working hard to validate the Brain Health Assessment in multiple languages so please check back with us in the near future.

  • Will personal information be shared with anyone?
    In order to complete Cogniciti’s Brain Health Assessment, a login using an email address (username) and password are required. Cogniciti will never spam anyone or sell their information and will only email participants once a year to remind them to take the Brain Health Assessment. If the participant does not have an email address or would rather not use their real email address, a Cogniciti team member will assist them in creating a temporary username and password for the sole purpose of completing the assessment. All other information that is requested for this assessment is non-identifying data that is used by our systems to calculate the Brain Health Score and help the Cogniciti team members better serve the participants by understanding what circumstances may have contributed to the score they receive. Cogniciti takes privacy regulations very seriously and any information received from participants will be kept confidential and never be used without their consent. In addition, the non-identifying data could be used by Baycrest researchers in the future to formulate new discoveries for older adults with memory concerns, and better understand trends in brain health across the globe.
  • Why Host a Brain Health Workshop?
    Cogniciti’s free Brain Health Workshop allows your members the opportunity to take our  online assessment to establish where they are with their memory and answer the question, “Is my memory normal?”. The Cogniciti team will provide support and relevant free resources to individuals based on their score. We provide the laptops and all necessary equipment. All we require from you is a quiet room with tables and chairs big enough to comfortably sit 15 people. Call or email us today to schedule a workshop at your centre.