Looking for participants for your research study or clinical trial? Look no further! Cogniciti specializes in connecting you with qualified referrals, whether it's from academic studies or pharmaceutical trials. Let us help you find the perfect participants to drive your research forward!

Through our recruitment service model, we use specified inclusion and exclusion criteria to identify Pre-Screened Referrals in an effort to accelerate the recruitment of high-quality pre-screened research volunteers for a study or clinical trial. “Pre-Screened Referrals” refer to participants who have taken Cogniciti’s proprietary brain health assessment, joined Cogniciti’s brain health registry and who:

  • Are interested in participating in research studies;
  • Provided their explicit consent to being contacted directly by third party research organizations to provide them with more information about the Study; and
  • Meet the qualifying inclusion and exclusion screening criteria for this Study protocol, as agreed to by the parties.

For more information about the Cogniciti’s Recruitment Services, please click on ‘Contact Us ’ to fill out the form, or email us at research@cogniciti.com