Our Smart Tracker helps you keep track of your overall health, by monitoring sleep, diet and exercise.

Although many factors contribute to the development of Alzheimer’s disease, research indicated that some lifestyle choices may serve to better protect against, or delay onset of, the disease.  Many recommendations are not specific to the brain, but rather, are recommendations for healthy living. These recommendations translate to achieving and maintaining a healthy brain.  For example, a balanced diet and regular exercise can improve vascular health throughout the entire body, including the brain.
To help you manage your lifestyle choices, we've developed the Smart Tracker, a powerful and easy-to-use tool which will guide you to a healthier lifestyle for brain health and overall wellness.  Simply start by entering your current lifestyle habits from the past week and you will receive a Smart Tracker score, along with research-based recommendations for improving the choices you make as you work toward improving and maintaining your brain health. Use the Smart Tracker, in combination with taking our Brain Health Assessment every 6 months, to track, optimize, and maintain your brain health.

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