About the Assessment


  • The assessment consists of questions and a number of simple tasks to test your brain function and memory.
  • Score provided for ages 20 to 94.
  • As part of the test we need to collect certain personal information such as your date of birth, gender, education, and health history.

Purpose of the Assessment

  • Learn about your memory and attention.
  • Let you know if you should see your doctor for further assessment.
  • Compare your performance to other test takers.

What the Test Won't Do

  • Provide a diagnosis, medical advice or treatment.
  • Substitute for a medical evaluation by a doctor or other health care practitioner.

Test Requirements

Do You Have 20-25 Minutes?

  • Pausing (eg. to check emails, answer the door, or to take a phone call) will cause the Assessment to end.

Are You Committed to the Following?

  • Find a quiet room.
  • Give your best effort.
  • Take the test without help from others.
  • Don't write anything down.
  • Some people may feel pressured or anxious when taking the test. You can stop at any time but you will need to start again from the beginning and complete all the exercises should you wish to receive your results.

Do You Feel Well?

  • To get an accurate picture of your memory and attention abilities, you shouldn't take the test on a day that you are feeling unusually stressed, tired, or unwell.

Get Computer-Ready

  • Check to make sure that the zoom on your computer screen is set at normal (100%). Zooms higher than 100% might cut off portions of your test.
  • Click on action buttons with your mouse/track-pad or by touch if you have a touch screen; pressing the Enter Key will not work.
  • Please note that this assessment is currently compatible on desktop and laptop computers only. We are working on developing a tablet/mobile version.