New Product Information: Clinical Brain Health Assessment Portal
Cogniciti developed the Clinical Brain Health Assessment (BHA) Portal, an automated platform for generating automatic clinical BHA reports. These reports offer a detailed scope of participant or patient activity, including information on the probability of cognitive impairment, scoring, percentiles, and demographic data. The Portal can be used with a license subscription for pre-screening participants and testing research participants in clinical, research, academic, and clinical trial settings.  Our solutions enable virtual preventative care approaches to maintain and enhance brain health.
Who can license the Cogniciti Portal?
Different organizations can be onboarded to administer the Brain Health Assessment (BHA) to their participants, patients, users or clients. These organizations include: research organizations, clinical trial sites, academic institutions, industry groups, pharmaceutical companies, memory clinics, Employee Assistance Program (EAP) providers, Contract Research Organizations (CROs),  Insurance companies Benefit administrators etc.
Our Competitive Advantage

The BHA is a leading tool in cognitive reporting, that performs as well as a widely used, clinician-led test at assessing patients’ cognitive health. For those with near-normal performance, the BHA performed better than the Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MoCA) at detecting subtle cognitive decline and impairment (Paterson et al., 2021).

Key Characteristics
  • Clinically validated for detection of amnestic Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI).
  • Self-administered testing has the potential to save both time and clinician supervision​ costs.
  • Alternate versions of the clinical BHA allow for longitudinal data collection and serial testing.
Special Features     
The Clinical BHA Portal may be used at any stage of clinical trial, including as a recruitment strategy to evaluate potential participants, during pre-screening and triaging. 
Customize Your Landing Page
  • Easily edit and specialize your organizational landing page with our template instructions, default text and logo.
  • Flexibility to incorporate research protocol information, consent form, subject code identification and BHA order administration.
Track and View Participant Progress 
  • Active engagement and progress tracking of participants, including a specialized system to highlight incomplete assessments and any unexpected difficulties.
  • Protect participant privacy with featured ability to save clinical reports with participants ID code only.
Understand Your Data
  • Direct support and BHA Manual provided for clinicians to facilitate setup and methodically interpret results.
  • Raw data exports of BHA variables provided for research purposes.
Gain Useful Insights
  • Readily available BHA Reports provides specific demographic information, percentile scores, the predictive probability of amnestic MCI and raw data of the 4-subtask score.

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