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What We Do

Cogniciti aims to bring brain health solutions to people, businesses, and governments worldwide. Our mission:
  • To help the millions of adults with significant memory concerns get earlier assessment, diagnosis and treatment;
  • To help the tens of millions of adults with normal memory loss find peace-of-mind and effective, science-validated coping tools;
  • To help family caregivers better support loved ones with dementia; and
  • To speed the development of the next generation of dementia prevention therapies and medications.

To do this, we offer free brain health workshops at senior’s centres, recruit for promising mild cognitive impairment (MCI) clinical research studies, and compile a vast research registry of motivated adults across Canada, the US and the UK.

Free Brain Health Workshops

Many older adults cannot access our Brain Health Assessment simply because they lack computer resources. So, Cogniciti brings these computer resources directly to older adults in communities across Canada, the US and the UK. Like the Assessment itself, our Brain Health Workshops are completely free, both to our host organizations as well as the adults who participate.

Cogniciti Team Members support participants during the 15-20 minute Brain Health Assessment, provide take-home resources that help participants proactively manage their brain health, and speak in private with participants about their Assessment results. After receiving their report, participants are offered the chance to opt-in to be matched with leading brain health research in the area, based on their health history, age and location. To host a free Brain Health Workshop in your community, or for any booking inquiries, please contact us by e-mail at

Clinical Research Recruitment

Cogniciti is dedicated to accelerating the recruitment of research volunteers for at-risk Alzheimer’s clinical trials.

Volunteer recruitment is the largest expense of all drug trials, more so for at-risk AD drugs due to the difficulty of finding the right volunteers. Virtually all studies are running significantly slower due to recruitment difficulties. This traces to industry-wide issues that are heightened for MCI, simply because the traditional recruitment channels of family physician works poorly. By the time more adults see their doctor with a memory problem, they are often too ill for at-risk trials.

Cogniciti uses geo-targeting, effective-prescreening and personal contact to do the following:

  1. Locate adults at high risk of developing MCI.
  2. Collect key inclusion and exclusion data for those participants.
  3. Hand off participants efficiently to local study sites.

To learn more about our recruitment process, or to collaborate with us on a project, please contact us by e-mail at

Research Registry of Volunteers

Scientists across Canada, United States and the UK are in the midst of exciting brain health research. There are many study areas within brain health, including:
  • To validate the health impact of digital brain health tools;
  • To investigate the links between diet, exercise, and brain health;
  • To develop a new generation of medicines designed to help adults at risk of dementia stay healthy longer; and
  • To etter understand the basic science of how memory works.

Interested adults who opt-in to Cogniciti’s Research Registry can receive research matches with studies that fit their location, age, and health history. This is free of charge, and there is no obligation for the participant to participate in the offered research opportunity.

You can sign up for Cogniciti's Research Registry here: Join Our Registry Today!

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